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Private exploration of new coal hydrogenation refining technology to provide support for coal chemical industry

Release time:2020-09-25

Can the coal be refined into oil and semi-coke without pollution and low water consumption, and other high-value components can be extracted from it? This beautiful vision is gradually becoming a reality. Shuozhou private enterprise Sino-US New Energy Technology R&D Shanxi Co., Ltd. invested hundreds of millions of yuan to research new coal hydrogenation refining technology, which provides a new path for coal processing and transformation.   Chen Yubin, president of Sino-US New Energy Technology R&D Shanxi Co., Ltd., had his business involved in coal mines, real estate and other fields. In 2012, he learned that Zheng Qi, a friend who graduated from Tsinghua University and worked in the United States for many years, had a profound knowledge of the coal chemical industry, so he was hired to return to China to set up a research and development company and serve as the general manager to continue research in this area. After several years of research, they have obtained 8 invention patents and 7 new practical technology patents. The company invested 130 million yuan to build a test facility with a daily processing capacity of 50 tons of coal in Shuozhou City, and hired more than 20 technicians from relevant domestic industries. At present, the installation and commissioning of the equipment has come to an end and will officially enter the test operation in October. This technology is an important means to realize the efficient, cascaded and comprehensive utilization of inferior coal. The high-value components contained in inferior coal are extracted and fully utilized to produce high-quality tar and clean semi-coke with high calorific value and ultra-low sulfur. This technology has changed the traditional use of low-quality coal and is of great significance to the improvement of existing coal conversion technology. The entire process is completely airtight, basically no waste water, waste gas, or solid waste is discharged, which meets the national clean energy technology requirements. The overall investment in this technology is only one-half of the traditional technology, and the extraction rate of oil per ton of coal is between 15%-35%, and the oil output rate is internationally leading. Water consumption is very small, with 0.12 tons of coal water consumption per ton.